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What Our Soap Fans Say

Carl Selby
Carl Selby
Activated Charcoal
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Inky black as the midwinter night sky, a start of sharp fresh breeze eases into subtle toffee apple and sweet cherrywood notes. If “clean” had a scent, this would be it!
Lemon, Lime & Grapefruit
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Great smell, not too strong and very soapy/lathery (?!) - way more than your typical bar of soap! Found it particularly good with the bamboo soap bag!
Candy-floss & Mallow
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The smell on candyfloss and mallow is just the one for me, sweet and lasts. The soap bag is so soft and it makes it so much easier to use, since the soap doesn’t keep sliding out your hands. I will be buying more to try.
Michaela Hope
Michaela Hope
Summer Fruits
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What a gorgeous smell. Not only does this soap have a lovely, rich moisturising lather which keeps my (very dry) skin feeling soft and nourished but it also provides a lovely constant fresh, clean scent in the bathroom.

Handmade Plastic Free Soap & Shampoo Soap

At Oschen, we are passionate about all things plastic free. That’s why our handmade soap bars and shampoo soap bars are all completely free from plastic and are vegan friendly too. Our handmade vegan soaps will take great care of your skin while also caring for the planet too. The packaging that we use for our vegan soap bars is designed to have the smallest impact on the environment that is possible. We have taken great care to source recycled and recyclable packaging. We go to great lengths to keep our packaging planet-friendly even to sourcing biodegradable natural glue to stick our soap sleeves together. It is not easy to find packaging that is eco-friendly and looks amazing, however, the many happy customers of our handmade vegan soap company say that we have cracked it.

Oschen supplies vegan plastic free soap throughout the UK. All our soap bars and shampoo soap bars are handmade and British which makes them stand out from the many other soaps available. If you are looking for soap bars and shampoo bars that are vegan and friendly team, you will feel very much at home at Oschen as we have a collection of soap for all the family.

We have created a range of handmade bar soaps that are made with the finest quality ingredients. Every ingredient from the essential oils and natural butters to the botanicals and plant oils have been carefully selected for their quality and beneficial properties to make truly super soaps for our customers to enjoy. Our family run vegan friendly and plastic free soap company is committed to reducing waste in every way possible while creating soap bars that help you stay clean, shiny and smelling great.

Discover Our Vegan Plastic Free Soaps

We have an exciting collection of handcrafted vegan plastic free soap bars to clean and tantalise your skin with, from the traditional soap like Activated Charcoal Soap and Olive Oil Soap to the brilliant Botanical Blend Soap and punchy Parma Violet Soap.

However, that is only a small selection from our ever-expanding collection of plastic free soaps. There’s no better way to discover our super soaps that jumping in and browsing our handmade bar soaps for yourself, so why not take a look at our soap shop.

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