About Us

Oschen [oh-shuhn] is a small family run business that supplies British handmade soap, vegan friendly and cruelty free soap to friends and families just like us.

Single-Use Plastics

We intended, encouraged by Oscar and Henry the company namesakes was to reduce single-use plastics in our home. The boys encouraged/challenged us to reduce the number of bottles we took into the shower, as a result, we started buying bars of soap. After our first bar, we were hooked! We reduced our weekly waste, we were doing our bit for the environment whilst being clean, shiny and smelling great.

The aim is to supply you with the same feeling, with a choice of soaps for all ages. We supply the bars directly to your home in 100% recyclable packaging.

Oschen Family

Vegan Handmade Soap

Our vegan handmade soap bars are made with the finest quality ingredients. Including essential oils, natural butters, botanicals, plant oils and extracts, suitable for everyone. There is something for everyone from soft and gentle bath soap through to candy floss & mallow. Tutti fruity or Tea Tree and Lemon bars to get kids of all ages scrubbing behind their ears. Or relax in a warm bath or shower with our lime lemon and grapefruit or maybe lavender and lime soap. Let the aromatic scents of essential oils ease away the stresses and strains of the day.

We are a family tying to do a little at a time to help the environment. If we all do a little then together then we can do a lot.

Now that we have made this small step we plan to provide more products to help us in our everyday life. Therefore reducing our dependency on single use plastics.  We have started in the bathroom and plan to move into the kitchen and other areas of everyday life.

It’s about improving our lives and therefore providing a better life for all of those around us. Including all of the animals that we share the world with.  And that is why we will try and source vegan and cruelty-free products, if it doesn’t meet these criteria then we won’t stock it.

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