Vegan Plastic Free Soap & Shampoo


Oschen [oh-shun] is a friendly family run vegan friendly and plastic free soap company that supplies handmade British soap bars and shampoo bars across the UK. Our vegan soap is cruelty free and planet friendly.

Plastic Free Soap Bars To Reduce Single-Use Plastics

We were encouraged by our sons, Oscar and Henry, the company namesakes to reduce single-use plastics throughout our home. The boys challenged us to reduce the number of shampoo bottles and shower gels that we used in the shower. To do this, we started buying soap bars. After our first soap bar, we were hooked and decided to start Oschen! We reduce our weekly waste while staying clean and fresh. We loved the fact that we could help the planet whilst being just as clean and fresh as were when we were using a range of bottles in the bathroom.

At Oschen, we aim to help you enjoy the same feeling – that you are looking after your skin while also doing your bit for the planet. Our collection of soaps has something for all the family and all ages. We supply our plastic free soap bars directly to your home in 100% recyclable packaging. You will receive super soap while the planet is saved from the harmful impact of single-use plastics. Whether you are looking for vegan soap bars or shampoo bars, our exciting collection of soaps will have something for you.

Oschen Family

Handmade Vegan Soap

If you are looking for handmade vegan soap bars you have come to the right place! Our great collection of vegan soap bars has something for everyone, whether you prefer traditional soap or something fruitier, Oschen has it covered. All our handmade soap bars are made with the finest quality ingredients. Every ingredient from the essential oils and natural butters to the botanicals and plant oils have been carefully selected to create a special collection of vegan soap bars that are suitable for everyone.

The Perfect Plastic Free Soaps Bars

At Oschen, we have a plastic free soap bar for everyone from soft and gentle soaps for sensitive skin through to fun fruity soaps. For those who prefer a soft and gentle soap our Olive Oil Soap and Botanical Blend Soap bars are a great choice. If you like something fruitier, why not opt for our Pineapple Soap or Tutti Fruiti Soap Bars. If you like a powerful soap, our Activated Charcoal Soap, Tea Tree Soap or Dead Sea Salt Soap Bars are a great choice. Let the aromatic scents of essential oils from our handmade bar soaps ease away the stresses and strains of the day.

The Oschen Family Mission

We are a friendly family trying to play our part in helping and protecting the environment today so we can all enjoy a great tomorrow. By buying our plastic free soaps, you are doing your bit to help the environment. If we all do a little, together as a family of vegan soap lovers we can do a lot.

Now that we have made this small yet significant step of adopting plastic free soaps in the bathroom, we plan to create other products that help us enjoy our everyday life while also protecting the planet. Reducing our dependence on single-use plastics is a passion of ours and something that we see as our mission. While we have started in the bathroom, we are looking to tackle the kitchen next before moving onto other areas of our everyday lives.

Everything that we do at Oschen is about improving lives and protecting the planet so we can all enjoy a bright future. We want people and animals to have a better life so we can share the world together. The Oschen team continue to create vegan friendly and cruelty free products with the finest ingredients. If the products and their ingredients can’t meet this criteria, we won’t stock them.