Vegan Plastic Free Soap & Shampoo

Athletes, Caring For Yourself The Oschen Way With Vegan Soap & Shampoo

Supporting Athlete Wellness

Athletes, Caring For Yourself The Oschen Way With Vegan Soap & Shampoo

Passionate about active living, Oschen understands that caring for yourself involves more than just physical health. A well-looked-after body is vital in maintaining optimal fitness and overall well-being. Our vegan soap bars and vegan shampoo soap bars can play an important role in any athlete wellness regime.

The full range of Oschen vegan soaps has the health of your skin in mind all the time. Not only making soaps sustainable, fun and easy to use, but each bar has also been crafted to support all skin types and provide a deeply nourishing clean each time.

Oschen Supports Athletes With Athlete Wellness

No matter the sport you are interested in, your passions, and the activities you participate in. Your health and well-being are linked to more than physically looking after yourself and are critical to overall athlete wellness.

This is why we proudly sponsor a football and netball team. They push their bodies, train and keep themselves physically fit. Through this sponsorship, we want to raise awareness around the other ways you and them can keep yourself healthy.

Supporting Athlete Wellness

Good Hygiene Is Vital

Maintaining good hygiene practices is essential in stopping infectious illnesses and diseases, enabling you to continue participating in the sports and activities you love the most.

This doesn’t just apply to the athletes themselves but also to anyone who comes into contact with them, supports or coaches.

Hygiene And Much More

All of the handcrafted vegan soap within the Oschen range have been lovingly crafted to give you maximum benefits.


The first, and the most important role of any vegan soap bar you use, is its ability to keep you clean, wash away bacteria and germs, keeping you and your loved ones safe.

You might wonder whether vegan, natural soap is anti-bacterial and to confirm, it is. All the soap sold is anti-bacterial and works when lathered and scrubbed across your skin to reduce the tension between bacteria and your skin, allowing it to be washed away.


Clean skin is one thing, but keeping your skin hydrated is essential when you are active and facing the elements.

When your skin gets dried out, it can become prone to cracking, being sensitive and putting you at risk of developing infections. Naturally made with sin-nourishing oils, each handmade soap bar will deeply cleanse whilst naturally hydrating your skin.

Unlike standard shower gels or soaps, no harsh chemicals are included in the manufacturing. These commonly used chemicals can damage skin and draw natural moisture from your skin, resulting in them drying out and being counterproductive in maintaining your skin health.

Naturally Beneficial

Made from all-natural plant-based oils and fats, most of our natural soap bars are anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.

Benefitting from keeping any skin abrasions, cuts or scuffs clean and fighting and protecting from mild infection. The defensive properties of these soaps make them ideal for athletes and can prevent common locker room conditions such as athlete’s foot.

Gentle On Your Skin

Whilst lathering up, each handmade soap bar indulges your skin. Without the chemicals and toxins and excessive water, each time you grab your soap bar you are maximising the cleaning properties of soap without the need for harsh chemicals.

The lather is ideal for everyone, old or young, washing away dirt and sweat without irritation.

There’s A Vegan Soap For Everyone

The Oschen range of vegan soaps comes in an abundant range of scents and natural benefits. Therefore, there is something for everyone.

Oschen Supports Football Team

For young athletes or children embarrassing a fun pastime or exploring their interests, there are colourful, funky soaps that will tempt even the most bath-adverse child, including our family’s favourites:

In addition to personal scent preference, each of the soap’s natural elements offers additional skin boasting qualities, including anti-ageing, immunity boosting and acne-preventing properties.

Better For You And The Environment

Jam-packed with a wealth of goodies to make your shower or bath time enjoyable, leaving you perfectly clean and your skin glowing. We manufacture each vegan soap bar to ensure we exclude pesticides or chemicals, or processes that can damage the environment.

Passionate about sustainability, these eco-friendly soaps are also packaged sustainably. Whilst traditional soaps are housed in single-use plastic bottles, these vegan soaps are crafted with the minimal environmental impact being considered. So while plastic bottles add to the world’s plastic pollution, every element of packaging, from the jiffy bags to the ingredient cards are either easily recyclable or biodegradable.

Don’t Forget About Your Hair, Think About Vegan Shampoo

The last thing you want to do when going from one location to another is lug around weighty wash products, additionally, you will want to have the extra space for sports gear. Fortunately, there is a great alternative, Vegan shampoo bars bring an abundance of benefits, like their soap cousin, including:

  • Conditioning properties
  • Ease of use
  • Additional natural benefits
  • Cost-effectiveness

All you need to do is go ahead and decide which one to try first to boost your athlete wellness.

Improving Athlete Wellness With Oschen

At Oschen we are incredibly passionate about improving athlete wellness. As a result of this, we support a football and netball team. This is testament to our commitment to athlete wellness and sport in general. Discover our range of vegan soap and vegan shampoo which are a firm favourite among atheletes.

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