Vegan Plastic Free Soap & Shampoo

The Magic of Natural Dog Shampoo – The Perfect Solution for Your Canine Companion


Are you tired of using chemical-laden dog shampoos that leave your furry friend with dry, itchy skin? At Oschen, we’ve got the perfect solution for you – natural dog shampoo! Not only is this a healthier alternative for your dog’s skin and coat, but it’s also more eco-friendly. In this blog post, we’ll delve into […]

How To Shampoo Your Dog At Home With A Dog Shampoo Bar

How To Shampoo Your Dog At Home

You have made the decision to go plastic free in the bathroom. You now use shampoo bars and vegan soap bars as your go to, first choice personal cleaning products. Now is the time to take those extra steps and move on to plastic-free dog shampoo and cleansing products for your four-legged family members as […]