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Easter Fun With Oschen Easter Soap

Happy Easter With Easter Soap

Easter Fun With Oschen Easter Soap

With Easter fast approaching, you may be considering fun and creative ways to make this occasion Egg-tastic. More and more pressure appears to be applied to make every occasion even better than the last. This can, if you are not careful, become costly. Surprisingly, Easter soap can make an amazing Easter for all the family.

The great news is that here at Oschen, we understand family values. Our range of sustainable and vegan soaps will be able to wash the muckiest of hands and faces at the end of the day. We have also come up with a selection of fun, budget-friendly ways you can up your ante and embrace family Easter time.

Scavenger Hunts With Easter Soap

Easter is a holiday loved by many. It is a holiday that symbolises the start of Spring and the warmer weather (well, hopefully, this is the UK!) approaching. One of the favourite activities for Easter is the renowned Easter Egg hunt.

The Oschen way takes this concept and applies it with a twist. Why be limited to just an Easter Egg hunt. Why not make a full activity out of it instead? Cut out an egg shape from your packaging sleeve, stick to the front of your clamshell and hide them around your home or garden.

If you do decide to hide them outside the great news is that they packaging is fully biodegradable, if one doesn’t get found.

They can then optionally be filled with a variety of different goodies. Including chalks or crayons to encourage the kids to decorate the egg, or alternatively you could fill them with sweet treats, Easter themed goodies or Easter-themed jokes such as:

  • How does the Easter Bunny keep his fur looking so nice?
    He uses Hare spray!
  • What is the best way to make Easter easier?
    Put an ‘I’ where the ‘T’ is
  • What kind of tales do Easter eggs like to tell their children?
    Yolk tales

Make Your Own Easter Bunny With Our Handmade Soap Packaging

Being the iconic Easter mascot, it is only fitting that one of the activities we consider involves this fluffy tailed character. The luxury of this craft is that it requires very few additional ‘extras’ outside of glue and a pom pom (although cotton wool works as well).

Simply taking the clamshell that once perfectly housed your soap or shampoo bar you have makes the ideal body for this next crafting project.

Make An Easter Bunny With Easter Soap

To Make Your Own Easter Bunny, You Will Need:

  • Clamshell
  • Glue
  • Paint/crayons
  • Card/paper or foam. (Our sleeve makes the perfect option, if you don’t have anything else to hand)
  • 1 x Pom pom


  1. Cut out and make individual bunny ears. You can do this by cutting out card/paper/foam into ovals. Once cut to size, they can be coloured or painted.
  2. Cut out 2 ovals for bunny feet. You can then either decorate and draw the paws or cut out a pink card/foam to create this effect.
  3. Open your clamshell and apply glue around all the edges. Place your bunny ears inside the top lip, with the ears poking out of the top.
  4. Close the clamshell and hold in place to allow the glue to set.
  5. Place the feet on a flat surface, apply glue and stand your clamshell on top.
  6. Draw/paint your bunny’s face and don’t forget the whiskers.

Not only is this a fun activity that you can involve the whole family with. But no matter the amount of mess you (or the children) create, our wide range of plastic free soaps and shampoo soap bars will get the entire family squeaky clean once more and ready to admire these DIY, handmade creations.

DIY Your Own Easter Basket

Whether you are about to embark on an Easter Egg hunt, want to get stuck in with some crafts or make some Easter themed decorations, there is nothing more Eastery than Easter baskets and bonnets.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any ideas on the bonnet front, but our clamshells make adorable mini-baskets. Made from moulded pulp, they are compatible with a variety of different decorating materials.

You Will Need

  • Scissors
  • Clamshell
  • Materials to decorate your basket such as, crayons, felt tips, paint, tissue paper, etc.
  • Stapler
  • Card. (If you don’t have any card to hand, our sleeve can be used)


  1. Open the clamshell and cut along the hinge. This will provide you with 2 rectangle bowls, which will form the base of the basket.
  2. Decorate the outside of the basket in paint/pictures/patterns.
  3. Make a handle from the cardboard. Cut the cardboard approximately 2cm thick and 15cm long.
  4. Staple the end of the cardboard handle in the middle of each long side of your basket, forming a handle that goes across the full width.

Fill with tissue or shredded paper to line the inside of the basket. They are then ready to go and are a perfect size for mini chocolaty treats or other springtime favourites.

Been Inspired By Our Easter Ideas, Why Not Try Our Soap?

Now that you’ve been inspired, there is more to each of our handcrafted vegan soaps and solid shampoo bars for the shower and bath than initially meets the eye. We hope you have fun thinking outside of the box and incorporating our packaging into other activities.

If you are looking for Easter Soap, our Blueberry Delight, Candy Floss & Mallow and Tutti Fruiti soap bars are all bright and colourful choices that will match the fun of Easter.