Vegan Plastic Free Soap & Shampoo

Four Reasons To Use Vegan Soap

Four Reasons To Use Vegan Soap

Four Reasons To Use Vegan Soap

Vegan handmade soap UK is crafted without the inclusion of any animal-based ingredients. It is essential to understand that vegan soap products differ from other items that are classified as cruelty-free. Cruelty-free products refer to the testing phase, and this term confirms that the item has not been tested on animals. There has never been a better time to discover the top reasons to use vegan soap.

This is vastly different to vegan-based products. Not only are they not tested on animals and completely cruelty-free, but they are also made out of entirely natural ingredients. Eliminating the usage of harsh chemicals and manufactured scents which can be found in other soap and bath products.

Not only friendly to animals and the planet but making the switch to vegan soap bars also offers an array of other benefits. So, if you are still undecided, here are some of their top qualities and benefits to sway you.

100% Vegan Soap

Key Reasons To Use Vegan Soap

They Are Made From 100% Natural Ingredients

The best reason to use vegan, handcrafted soaps is because of their ingredients. Like any made item, the quality of the item is determined by the ingredients used. Oschen’s vegan soaps are all crafted with sustainability and quality at the core.

Each vegan soap bar is jam-packed with hydrating, nourishing and skin-boosting oils. However, to make each bar different, a variety of different butters, seeds, vegetables, fruits and essential oils are combined to create the colourful and deliciously smelling bars you will love. With other bars also including natural textures and vitamins, different bars have different individual qualities.

How Is This Different From Other Soaps?

The average run-of-the-mill, found in most store soaps, contains an abundance of synthetic ingredients. These can include parabens, many other man-made elements, and artificial smells. When applied to the skin and used in your showering and bathing routine, they can draw your skin’s natural oils away, leaving it dry and flakey.

They Are Good For The Planet

Making the switch and proactively using handmade vegan soap, working towards living a sustainable and eco-friendly life. In the eco-conscious world that we are living in, this is one of the most important reasons to use vegan soap.

Not only are the ingredients used to make these handmade soaps completely vegan, but they are also made from sustainable ingredients and packaged in eco-friendly and in eco-friendly packaging.

Whilst synthetic soaps contain all sorts of harsh chemicals and nasties that wash away and drain into rivers and seas. None of these are included in vegan soaps. Plus, biodegradable and recyclable packaging are much better for the environment and a great way to reduce plastic pollution. It really is a double whammy of positives.

They Are Cruelty-Free

Whilst many products are coming away from animal tests. We can confirm and reiterate that handcrafted vegan soaps are 100% not tested on any animals, and they are not involved in their creation.

Proud to be promoting kindness toward animals and making a difference in carving a safer environment for them. Here at Oschen, we also want to ensure that our animals receive the best care and attention they deserve. This is why we have developed our own line of pawfect plastic free dog shampoos to ensure that we are giving them back to best wash after wash. The fact that your four legged friend can join in on your journey towards using cruelty-free products is yet another of many great reasons to use vegan soap.

Cruelty Free Soap

Why Is This Important?

Treating animals with care and compassion is integral to our core values. We know that looking after the planet and all of its inhabitants starts with small achievable steps. The more little steps we can make, the bigger the difference.

Our Oschen mission, “We want people and animals to have a better life so we can share the world together.” Without compromising quality or cleansing capabilities, we know that each wash can reduce plastic waste, not risk or harm animals and leave you perfectly clean time and time again.

Healthy Products Make For Healthy Skin

As the largest part of your body, your skin deserves the best care. The products you use and how you treat your skin directly impact on how it feels, looks and how we feel about our bodies.

All of our natural soaps include skin-benefitting goodies, to encourage your skin to remain healthy and to preserve the natural oils found within. However, the inclusion of various ingredients also can provide additional benefits. For example (and only to name a few):

  • The charcoal found within our activated charcoal soap bars can help treat oily or acne-prone skin, reduce pores’ size, and leave your skin tighter and firmer.
  • A tea tree soap bar can help people who suffer from eczema and soothe dry and rough skin, all whilst providing antibacterial properties. 
  • Our Sandalwood Soap & Patchouli Soap deeply nourishes your skin. It increases its natural elasticity, can reduce the appearance of scarring and evens out skin tones.

Reasons To Use Vegan Soap: Our Summary

As a quick recap, there are many reasons to use vegan soap in your cleansing routine. Not only do they remove the need for unsightly plastic bottles to litter your bathroom. They boast an impressive number of benefits for your skin and even better the planet.

  1. They naturally moisturise your skin and remove the need for additional beauty products to be used.
  2. Each soap bar lasts as long as 2-3 bottles of shower gel.
  3. Activated by water they are intense cleaning goodness.
  4. They aren’t tested on animals or contain any animal based products.
  5. They come in a range of scents and colours to make your personality.

Now you have found out why you should use vegan soap, all you need to do is choose the soap bars that you want to get started with. Our exciting collection of handmade vegan soap is sure to have some soap bars that will suit you.