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How Long Does A Shampoo Bar Last?

How Long Does A Shampoo Bar Last

How Long Does A Shampoo Bar Last?

If you are new to shampoo bars or considering making the switch, one of the first things people want to know is how long does a shampoo bar last? Or if you have been converted to shampoo bars as your hair care product, you may ask how can I make it last longer.

If you have ever thought about either of these questions, the good news is we have all the answers. Being the home of sustainable, vegan, plastic free shampoo bars and soaps, we will let you in on some secrets.

Average Shelf Life: How Long Does A Shampoo Bar Last?

The standard shampoo bar will last around 80 washes. To put that into context, that is about the same as 2-3 plastic shampoo bottles.

Of course, this quantity does vary based on several factors. These can include the length of your hair. As expected, longer hair will require more shampoo than shorter hair. How you use your solid shampoo bar, and finally, how your natural shampoo bar is stored between uses.

No different from other shower and bath products, ensuring that your vegan shampoo bar is kept at its best will massively impact how well it lasts. If it is stored poorly, it will dramatically impact how well your bar looks, but more importantly, how long it will last.

How Long Does A Shampoo Bar Last

Storing Your Shampoo Bar Between Washes

To keep your shampoo bar at its best, you want to keep it dry between washes. Shampoo bars only get activated when wet. At this time, the soap will start to break down and release its cleaning properties. Of course, this is not what you want when it isn’t being used. Not only is it mushy, it also means that when you use it again it will break down quicker. It’s an easy way to go through it faster.

Placing your shampoo bar on a wooden soap ladder will allow the bar to dry properly. Airing not only the top but the base of your shampoo bar. This will allow it to dry thoroughly and prevent it from going soggy.

Shampoo bar facts: Keeping the bar dry between washes will not only hold its shape. It will also keep it dense and in its best condition. With a mushy base being present, the shampoo won’t disintegrate. Allowing it to last even longer!

How You Use Your Shampoo Bar Matters

Shampoo bars are concentrated shampoo and cleaning goodness. Without the need to be diluted down into a liquid, it is a block of hair goodness. To make the most of your bar, you want to make sure you use it effectively and are not wasting it. As the shampoo is only activated when you get it wet to wash your hair. You only start using the product when a rich foamy lather is created.

There are two ways to do this. Either by rubbing the bar in your hands and building the lather in your palms before rubbing it into your scalp and along your hair strands. Alternatively, you can directly rub the bar into your scalp, creating a shampoo foam at that time.

Either method is highly effective for getting a hydrating hair wash time and time again. However, to maximise the life span of your hair shampoo bar. Lathering in your hands and rubbing it in will ensure you are not wasting any shampoo.

Are Shampoo Bars Worth The Money?

With the majority of liquid shampoos, they need to be paired with a conditioning counterpart. For each hair wash, you need to invest in two products to be used per hair wash.

Whether you opt for Lemon Shampoo with Grapefruit & Satsuma or another within the range, such as the Lavender Shampoo with Jojoba, they all contain naturally hydrating oils and ingredients.

Because of their naturally hydrating properties, when you use a vegan shampoo bar, additional conditioning products are not needed. They are already built into the shampoo bar. In addition to needing fewer products, each bar will last at least the same time as 2-3 bottles of shampoos and conditioners.

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Our Final Thoughts On How Long Does A Shampoo Bar Last & Shampoo Bars

Although on the outset, shampoo bars may cost a little more upfront than some of the supermarket liquid alternatives. Each bar does the job of a shampoo and conditioner. In addition to lasting as long and as numerous bottles, over time, they equal or work out less than standard bottled products. So now you know the answer to the all-important question: how long does a shampoo bar last? Are you more likely to make the switch?

Also, better for the planet, eliminating shampoo plastic pollution and coming in a wide range of options and properties. There is a shampoo bar for you. Now that you know you are getting bang for your buck and you know how to make it last as long as possible. The big decision you need to make is which Oschen shampoo bar to try first.