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How To Make Bath Time For Kids Eco Friendly And Fun With Bath Soap

Bath Time For Kids

How To Make Bath Time For Kids Eco Friendly And Fun With Bath Soap

For any families with young children, the day is made up of some semblance of routine. With one of the penultimate steps before they head off for a restful (well, hopefully) full night’s sleep, is bathtime. As bath time for kids is such an important part of your routine, you might as well make it fun with bath soap!

When it comes to this relaxing haven to wind your little tikes down, a bath is always a good choice. So, if you’re insistent on keeping the routine in place and your little ones smell like a dream, you want to make sure that not only the kids love it, but the environment does as well.

Bath Soap Inspired By Children

Here’s a fun fact, the Oschen range was inspired by our 2 children. Yes, our 2 sons, and them wanting to be clean (possibly so they could enjoy getting messy once more and being out in nature again), in an environmentally friendly way.

Our family is proof that it is possible to have your children love bath time, being squeaky clean, all whilst still being conscious about the impact the cleaning products they use are good for the planet. Their passion for this is the inspiration behind our fun, vibrant, vegan bar soaps and shampoo bars and how Oschen was born.

Your Kids Can Love Bath And Shower Time Just As Much!

Being parents ourselves, we know that kids either love or loathe bath time. For some, bath time is the highlight of the evening and it can be a challenge to coax your little ones out of the tub. For others it can be a battle from the outset.

We’ve put together some tried and tested tips to make bath time enjoyable, talk about the challenges and how they can be overcome, all whilst making bath time naturally good for the planet and fun.

Bath Time For Kids Tips

Make Hair Washing Tantrums A Distant Memory

How many times have you been there where a tantrum or tears has followed when cleaning their locks?The liquid shampoo goes everywhere, undoubtedly in their eyes, and chaos follows!

Liquid shampoos are primarily made of a high percentage of water. This makes them harder to control and easier for them to roll off their hair and into their eyes.

Making the switch to solid shampoo bars is an easy solution to this problem. Concentrated and made from natural cleansing goodness.

These bars are:

  1. Easy to use. Wet their hair, dampen the bar and lather through their hair top to tip.
  2. Being in a bar you have maximum control when the suds are going. Long gone are the moments of liquid soap trickling everywhere. You have full control where the lather goes and each bath time their eyes will remain shampoo free.
  3. Vibrant and fragrant. Who doesn’t love bright colours and fun fragrances? No matter what their passions and interests are, there is a shampoo bar to engage them. From hulk green, sunshine yellows and unicorn purples, there is a bar as unique as your child.

Cleaning Doesn’t Have To Be A Chore

Kids get into everything. They run around, get sweaty, are fascinated in everything and 99% of the time that leaves them messy and in need of a good scrub. Bath time however, doesn’t just need to be able to get them clean. It can be enjoyable and become a part of the evening that they can look forward to.

Handmade soap bars provide this fun. With multiple ways for them to be effective, they are solid bars of cleaning goodness. With no nasties incorporated they are delicate and suitable for young skin and can give you a different way to coax them into the tub.

For young children especially, they can offer belly-laughing fun. Once wet they provide the challenge of stopping them slipping away for the cleaning to commence. Of course, as easy as it sounds, soap is slippy and has a tendency to jump and slip away which is where the real fun commences.

Plastic Free Fun

When you decide to make bath time plastic free and fun, you aren’t just investing in the product but the packaging as well. All of the soap and shampoo bars sold and shipped are sent in their own personal clamshell house.

These are biodegradable and offer endless potential for creativity and arts and crafts.

So take the opportunity to seize a rainy day activity on us as well and challenge their creativity. From using them for growing their own plants or herbs to creating characters these little boxes can be paired with their creativity.

P.S. We’d love to see the creations.

To The Door Treats

Who doesn’t love a parcel arriving at the front door.

When you want to get your kids enthusiastic for bath time. Get them involved. From picking out their favourite handmade bar soap or shampoo bars to unwrapping their goodies when they arrive. There is nothing that will get them running to a bathroom, that when the fruity fragrance tickles their noses.

With sweet inspired soaps, patterns and bright colours we know there is a soap and shampoo for everyone.

Great Bath Time For Kids From The Oschen Family To Yours

We hope your littles love bath time as much as ours do.

To help with your search for great bath time soap and shampoo, we have highlighted some of the most popular kid friendly and fun-tastic soaps and shampoos with the Oschen range. Looking for a great bath time for kids? Our soaps and shampoos are here to help!

  1. Lemon, Grapefruit & Satsuma Shampoo Bar
  2. Sea Mineral Shampoo Bar
  3. Candy Floss & Mallow Soap Bar
  4. Summer Fruits Soap Bar
  5. Sweetie Shop Soap Bar
  6. Tutti Fruity Soap Bar