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How To Store Shampoo Bars

How To Store Shampoo Bars

How To Store Shampoo Bars

Here at Oschen we’re pretty crazy about our range of vegan shampoo bars. Not only are they lightweight, smell amazing, and have a range of hair-boosting ingredients, but they contain only the best plant-based ingredients for your hair. Free from all the nasties commonly found in their liquid counterparts, such as silicones, preservatives, added fragrance and other chemicals and toxins. Plus, what makes them even better, they are completely free of all plastics! And, each solid shampoo bar will last as long as two or even three traditional shampoo bottles. What isn’t there to love? Except for the dilemma that you don’t face with traditional shampoo: how to store shampoo bars?

We are passionate about making eco-friendly changes and want you to adore these bars as much as we do. That of course starts with knowing how to store each bar correctly. Looking after them correctly, guarantees that you will start to see all of the benefits and fall head over heels in love with these plastic free shampoo alternatives.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Shampoo Bars?

Shampoo bars will revolutionise your showering experience. They host and abundance of benefits including:

  • Gentle cleansing. Each bar is naturally made, avoiding the addition of harsh chemicals that are known for drying your hair and scalp.
  • They’re stylish and look great. For a sheek and stylish bathroom, you don’t want the unsightly visual of plastic bottles scattering every side. Not only surviving a purpose they make a fab addition to any bathroom set up.
  • The last. Each bar will last the equivalent of 2-3 bottles of standard shampoo.
  • They smell amazing. With only natural essential oils and ingredients they not only smell great but leave a gentle scent on your hair.
  • They’re good for your hair. Jam packed with natural ingredients, they can encourage hair growth, reduce itchy scalps and leave a natural shine.
  • They are economical. With each bar last numerous hair washes. They can save you replacing your shampoo bottle every week or so.
  • They are good for the environment. Made with sustainable ingredients and packed responsibly they are a better alternative for hair washing that is also good for the environment.
Eco Friendly Shampoo

Why Do Shampoo Bars Need Storing Correctly?

Shampoo bars contain no water. They are concentrated hair cleaning goodness, in a block form. In order for them to be activated they need to become wet. So, naturally, when they are left to sit in water too long, the structure of your solid shampoo bar will turn soggy and lose its shape. Due to this, it’s never been more important to know how to store shampoo bars.

For this very reason and from our experience, to get the most out of your shampoo bar, the Oschen recommendation is to store your bar in a dry location between uses. This will not only expand the life of your shampoo bar, but will ensure you are getting the most out of each purchase.

How To Successfully Store Your Shampoo Bar

When making a decision on the best way to store your solid shampoo bar, there are two important factors to keep in mind. Air flow and drainage.

The key to loving your bar and keeping it in the best condition for as long as possible, is to place it somewhere with good air flow to support your bar drying, having good drainage, ensuring that your bar won’t sit in a puddle of water and start shrinking.

Extra tip. If you share your shower with others, such as in a family bathroom, or with your partner or roommate, make sure that you are removing your shampoo bar and placing it in a location that won’t result in it getting soaked again unnecessarily.

Knowing this, let’s explain how to store shampoo bars.

Use A Wooden Soap Ladder

Not only stylish, using one of the Oschen wooden soap ladders offers a practical way to store your shampoo bars. Uniquely designed with spacing, airflow is created. Allowing your bar to dry quickly and remain in the best condition.

Built to lift your soap away from all other surfaces, they are crafted to include a built-in drainage solution. Allowing your bar to dry after use and remain dry until next needed. The wooden design is naturally antibacterial and although we do recommend cleaning them every few weeks, they complement all bathrooms and are available in 2 designs.

Wooden Soap Ladder

Use Your Shower Or Bath Caddy

If you have a caddy attached within your shower or a caddy running the width of your bath, as long as they promote good drainage they can be used to store your bar.

Considerations – The more you use your shampoo bar, the more it will shrink. If you choose to use your caddy be mindful that as it gets small it may slip through the bars. This will result in your bar not getting the drainage it requires.

Upcycle And Make Your Own Storage Solution

Focused on zero waste and being environment friendly, you can always embrace this ethos and the Oschen way and make your own. It may not look as stylish as a wooden soap ladder, but it will do the job.

DIY options include – taking an old travel soap holder and using tie bands or string to make a ladder effect, allowing liquid to drain off the bar.

Know How To Store Shampoo Bars, Join Us And Create A Plastic Free Future

Now you know all of the top tips for looking after your shampoo bar. All you need to do to join the Oschen family is to choose one of our shampoo bars. We are confident that you will find the perfect bar for you in our exciting lineup of shampoo bars. Our lineup includes a Lavender Shampoo, Lemon Shampoo Bar, Nettle Shampoo, Sea Minerals Shampoo and Tea Tree Shampoo.

Soon after you have chosen your plastic free shampoo, your love affair for bar cleaning products will start and you’ll be on the hunt for other plastic free options, including plastic free soap bars.