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How To Use Shampoo Bars

How To Use Shampoo Bars

How To Use Shampoo Bars

When you have never used a shampoo bar before, the concept of a concentrated shampoo and getting a good, thorough deep clean can seem challenging and a little daunting. However, you have committed yourself to becoming more eco-friendly. It is time to take the bull by the horns – or shampoo bar to your hair – and give it a go. Luckily, we have covered how to use shampoo bars for you, so soon you will find it a breeze.

As shampoo bars are concentrated, it does take a minor adjustment. They are quite unlike their liquid, plastic bottled counterparts. With this step by step guide, you will get your hair clean, looking luscious and healthy. You will even question why you didn’t make the change sooner.

What Is A Shampoo Bar?

As the name suggests, a shampoo bar is a solid bar of shampoo to wash and cleanse hair. Unlike traditional shampoos, shampoo bars are naturally made. Without including the harsh chemicals that can often be found in liquid shampoos, shampoo bars don’t wash away the natural oils of your hair.

The bars are made from oils, butter, and naturally conditioning and cleaning ingredients, making them jam-packed with cleaning goodness and compressed into a concentrated bar form. Without the use of chemicals and a complex range of synthetic ingredients, shampoo bars are naturally hydrating, conditioning and will aid in keeping your hair and scalp healthy.

Key Benefits Of Using Shampoo Bars

If you are used to using liquid shampoos, switching to a shampoo bar can take a little getting used to. We are about to cover how to use shampoo bars. However, before we do, we want to explain their key benefits. Like all shampoos, you need to find the ideal one for your hair type to get the best results. However, the are plenty of reasons to support why you should make this change and start using one of our vegan, sustainable and eco-friendly shampoo bars:

  1. Saves water. Although water is still required to wash your hair, the bar is concentrated, unlike liquid shampoos that contain a vast amount of water.
  2. Concentrated for extra impact. Made with less water, they provide a concentrated shampoo bar by design. As they are not watered down, your hair is getting the full benefit of cleaning goodness.
  3. Reduces single use plastics. As a solid bar, there is no need for single-use plastic to be used to house the product. All of the shampoo bars we sell are packaged in eco-friendly, fully recyclable, and vegan materials, making, not only, the bar but the packaging better for the world.
  4. Lasts longer and saves money. Who doesn’t want more bang for their buck? Without being diluted down, a little goes a long way when washing your hair. The average shampoo bar will last for as long as 2 liquid shampoo bottles.
Vegan Shampoo Bars

How To Use Shampoo Bars: Washing Your Hair

If you have not used a shampoo bar before, here are the steps on how to use it:

Soak Your Hair

To create a thick lather, you need your hair to be soaked thoroughly.

Wet The Bar

To allow the bar to get foamy and provide a deep clean, it needs to be wetted. Unlike your hair, it doesn’t need to be submerged, a couple of seconds under the shower to dampen it will be enough.

Time To Lather

To create a lather, you can either rub the bar onto your hands and create your lather or rub the shampoo bar directly onto your hair. If you choose to rub it directly onto your hair, you will want to work in sections to ensure you get a coverage of suds from roots to tip.

Massage It In

In the same way, you would massage your liquid shampoo through your hair, you need to do the same when using a shampoo bar. Starting at your scalp and roots, you then work the shampoo to the tips of your hair.


With the highly concentrated shampoo bar, the rinsing process is crucial to ensure a good clean. Top Tip – It can help to use a brush or comb to ensure you wash all of the shampoo out.


Like all shampoo and washes, the first wash is to remove the dirt. It is the second wash that fully cleanses your hair and brings forward that healthy shine.

Tips For Washing Long Hair

If you have long or thick hair, there’s a few tips and tricks that can help alongside our general how to use shampoo bars advice. Here are some additional tips to get that perfect clean time and time again.

Make Sure All Of Your Hair Is Soaked Through

To get the most out of your shampoo bar, your hair needs to be thoroughly soaked to activate the cleansing formula. With long/thick hair, this can take a moment or two longer, but it is not a step you will want to skip.

Work In Sections

Sectioning your hair will allow you to make sure that every strand gets the hydrating cleanse it deserves.

Brush Mid-wash

Taking a brush or comb into the shower will allow you to brush it through your hair. This helps to ensure that you are coating all of your hair in the rich, creamy lather.

Focus On The Parts Of Your Hair That Are Most Oily

The back of your hair is one of the sections that naturally builds up the most oil. It is key to focus your attention on these sections. The best practice is to clean from root to tip.

Make Sure You Get All Of The Shampoo Washed Off

Like liquid shampoos, if any of the product is left coating your hair. It can leave it looking a little lacklustre. With highly concentrated shampoo bars, the rinse is an essential step to leaving your hair soft, clean, and shiny.

Now You Know How To Use Shampoo Bars, Find The Perfect Bar With Oschen

Now you know how to use shampoo bars to get your hair perfectly clean, you just need to decide which one of our great vegan shampoo bars to use next. Each of our solid shampoo bars has its own unique benefits. So whether you opt for our Lavender Shampoo Bar with lemon & Jojoba oil, our Lemon Shampoo Bar with grapefruit & satsuma or our Tea Tree Shampoo Bar with lime & spearmint you are sure to find the perfect bar for you!