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Keep Your Fake Tan On Point And Be Beach And Oschen Ready

Fake Tan Tips With Vegan Soap

Keep Your Fake Tan On Point And Be Beach And Oschen Ready

Whether you apply fake tan all year round, just for special occasions or only during the warmer summer months, you will know first hand the frustration you will feel when it doesn’t last long or it goes patchy and flakey. Fortunately, our fake tan tips are here to help!

The common misconception is that how long your tan lasts is based on the application and the tanning product used. This isn’t the sole reason. The products you use and how you look after your skin are hugely influential factors.

Why Do Soaps And Shampoos Influence How Long Fake Tan Lasts?

How you take care of your skin before and after your tanning application has a massive effect on how well your tan will last and look. The biggest factor for your consideration is the soaps and shampoos that you are using. Our range of vegan soaps and vegan shampoo bars can help.

Certain ingredients found within some bathing products can directly harm your tan. They do this by rubbing it off and through the washing process they can deeply exfoliate your skin and remove your tan faster.

As fake tan only covers the top layer of your skin. It makes sense that as you’re scrubbing away in the shower or bath. That you are in essence scrubbing away and removing your tan at the same time, which is not ideal.

They Can Leave A Residue On Your Skin that Prevents Your Tan From Being Applied Correctly

Our Oschen vegan soap bars and vegan shampoos bars are natural and vegan made. Unlike other soaps and shampoos we guarantee no nasties or chemicals are used.

So Why Is This Important When It Comes To Fake Tan?

Well, the chemicals found within other soaps and shampoos can leave a residue on your skin. Even after you have rinsed and towel dried. This residue can prevent products being applied to your skin from working properly. They instantly create a barrier and prevent them from absorbing into your skin correctly.

How To Make Your Fake Tan Last Longer With Fake Tan Tips

To get the most out of your tan and leave your summer glow in place. Look no further! There are some need-to-know fake tan tips for beginners and connoisseurs alike.

Beach Ready With Oschen Fake Tan Tips

Firstly Water Wash Only

After you have allowed your tan to develop and are ready to wash away the excess coating. You need to make sure that you wash with water only. Yes, that means no luxury suds, hair washing or leg shaving. Just rinse and pat dry.

The Science Behind This

There are certain active ingredients found in fake tan. To maximise their ability to absorb into your skin and provide your tan with the longevity you want. You don’t want to be immediately cleaning this away.

The aim of this first wash is to remove the excess bronze. Use your hands only and where possible avoid using any shower puffs, exfoliating gloves or pads or washcloths.

Pick Your Oschen Vegan Soap Bars

You want your fake tan to be lasting ideally a minimum of 7 days. Of course this isn’t guaranteed. But you can proactively improve the life expectancy of your summer glow. Simply select one of our vegan soap bars and eco friendly shampoo bars. Our extensive range has something for everyone from a powerful Activated Charcoal Soap Bar or Dead Sea Salt Soap Bar to a luscious Lemon Soap Bar or opulent Olive Oil Soap Bar.

Keep Your Skin Hydrated

To keep you bronzed for as long as possible you want to use a cleaning product that doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals. All they will do is dry out your skin. As your skin dries out, it can cause your fake tan to crack and start to flake away. This is perhaps one of the most important fake tan tips.

Made from naturally skin boosting ingredients, the full range of Oschen handmade soap bars are made from naturally hydrating core goodies, enriching your skin and leaving it gorgeously soft.

Having hydrated skin will support your tan and keep it looking natural and prevent it from fading quickly. You can stay bronzed and looking and feeling your best.

Avoid Exfoliating As It Will Make Your Tan Fade Quickly

When you exfoliate you are proactively rubbing away skin cells and leaving new, fresh skin on the surface. As fake tan is applied to the top layer of skin, when this is removed, so is your tan.

Liquid shower washes and soaps contain a huge amount of water. To stop this instantly being washed down the plug. They are recommended to be used with wash aids such as a flannel, sponge or shower puff.

When using washcloths or a shower puff with a liquid soap. hey still rub away at the skin removing some of those skin cells and causing your tan to fade and become patchy in areas.

Use A Soap Bar

When you use a soap bar you have the choice of using it with a bamboo soap bag or using it on its own.

For the longest lasting tan using the bar directly against your skin, or lathered in your hands, glides over your skin. Offering a powerful cleanse each time, whilst maintaining the integrity of your skin and not exfoliating and removing your skin cells.

Remember Your Other Wash Products

Not only does the soap you use impact on how well your tan lasts, but so do all of the other products that you use as part of your shower routine. Think about when you wash your hair. All of the shampoo suds will run down your body as you are washing and cleaning your hair thoroughly.

With the majority of on-the-shelf products containing additional additives and manufactured scents these run across your skin and can coat your skin and prevent your tan from lasting, drying out your skin and causing your tan to fade quicker.

Like Our Fake Tan Tips? Now Discover The Oschen Skin And Hair Care Range

All naturally made, our range of vegan soaps and shampoo bars come in all sorts of scents. They are packed with skin and hair boosting technologies. The hygiene of your hair and skin does not need to compromise you from looking and feeling your best.

Jam-packed with natural goodness, we have a full range of tan-tastic products. Keep clean and your tan looking its best with Oschen.