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Myth Buster: The Truth About Vegan Bar Soaps And Shampoo Bars

Vegan Bar Soap & Shampoo Bars

Myth Buster: The Truth About Vegan Bar Soaps And Shampoo Bars

People love the idea of sustainability. Using all-natural products and giving your hair and skin the love and care it deserves. Yet, when they look into sustainable, vegan bar soaps and all-natural options, they question how good they are. Especially, in comparison to their liquid, single-use, plastic bottled, shower gels and shampoo cousins.

The short answer is they are just as good, even better actually. But, before we sing all of their praises let’s talk about the myths and preconceptions you may have around using handmade bar soaps and why you aren’t using them already.

Common Myths Around Using Vegan Bar Soaps And Shampoo Bars

When you think about vegan soap bars and shampoo bars, you may think they are expensive, unhygienic, not family-friendly and no better for the environment than alternative cleaning products. We are going to bust those myths wide open, explaining why they are wrong.

They Are More Expensive

The average shower gel, shampoo and conditioner contain approximately 80% water. Being diluted in this way, you need to use more to clean yourself from head to toe. Our handmade bar soaps are not diluted. They are rich in natural cleaning properties and only dilute with your shower or bath water. The same applies to our vegan shampoo bars.

The result is that each bar lasts at least twice as long as the average bottled body wash or shampoo, potentially even longer when cared for properly.

In short, yes they may cost slightly more upfront. The cost-benefit comes in a week or two later when your bar is still going strong, and you don’t need to go and incur the costs associated with replacing your shower products.

They Are Less Hygienic

This is not true. The Cambridge dictionary defines Hygienic as – clean, especially in order to prevent disease. Based on this definition, handmade bar soaps and shampoo soap bars are extremely hygienic.

Even more so when they are stored correctly. Germs love to live on wet surfaces. When you have finished with your bar soap or shampoo rinse off the suds, place it on one of our wooden soap ladders to air dry. They have been designed to help the air dry the bar completely, killing off any germs attempting to live on their surface ensuring a germ-free soap time after time.

They Will Dry Your Skin And Hair Out

Wrong again. Our range of vegan bar soaps and solid shampoo bars are made from 100% natural, vegan ingredients. With no added chemicals or manufactured fragrances added, they are made to clean whilst preserving your body’s natural oils.

With their uncanny ability to preserve your skin and hair’s natural harmony, they do the opposite. They allow for the benefits of their natural ingredients to enhance your cleanliness and hydrate your hair and skin. Leaving you irresistibly clean, smelling fresh and your skin and hair nicely hydrated.

They Aren’t Better For The Environment

Our whole business is based on sustainability. With ethically sourced sustainable ingredients for all our products. Our whole range from the vegan soaps and handmade shampoos to the accessories and gift sets are all plastic free.

What’s more, all of the packaging we use to deliver these goodies to you, is environmentally friendly as well. Being all easily recyclable or biodegradable, even down to the glue used on the stickers. We have ensured our products are good for you and the environment.

Plastic Free Vegan Shampoo

They Aren’t Family Friendly

Made from completely natural ingredients they are the perfect cleaning solution for anyone and everyone (over the age of 3, that is). Whether you are young or old, male or female or looking for a product for the whole family, there is a product for you.

Gentle on skin, no harsh chemical or added preservatives, our no-nasties soaps were inspired by our boys, ensuring the Oschen range has family values at the core. With a wide range of ingredients, fun colours and smells there is something for everyone.

Our kids love the sweeter smells and adore Candy Floss & Mallow and Sweetie Shop soaps.

Kate prefers the subtle notes of our Almond Oil Soap with Fig & Brown Sugar.

Mark, on the other hand, likes the earthier Dead Sea Salt Soap and Tea Tree Soap Bar with Lemon.

With even more options available, we guarantee that there will be a vegan soap bar that stimulates your senses.

If you were hesitant about bar soaps and shampoos before due to one of these myths, hopefully now they have been banished from your mind.

The Benefits Of Vegan Bar Soaps And Shampoo Soap Bars

We have addressed the myths and squashed the negative claims against bar shampoo and soaps. If that wasn’t quite enough of a reason to use them, here are some more.

Vegan Soap Bar Myths

Vegan Bar Soaps Are Versatile

You won’t need to buy separate body washes and hand washes. These vegan bar soaps have both jobs covered. Not only are you saving on extra costs and items to buy in your weekly shop, you are also instantly removing another single-use plastic from your bathroom.

Vegan Soaps & Shampoos Have A Variety Of Different Ingredients With Different Benefits

Unlike standard soaps that are just designed to clean, our range contains an abundance of different core natural properties. Being versatile in the options available means that we have soaps that can support sensitive skin such as eczema while our activated charcoal soap bars can be used on oily, spot-prone skin.

We Would Love To Welcome You To Oschen

With the core soap myths busted, plus extra reasons, there is no better time to try our handmade soap bars or shampoo bars. Why not buy a selection of our plastic free vegan soap and shampoo bars and enjoy 20% off your order with our discount code ‘LATHER20’.