Vegan Plastic Free Soap & Shampoo

Dog Shampoo Bars

Quality dog shampoo bars for your four-legged friend that are plastic free. Many of us have plastic free soap and shampoo in our bathroom, so don’t let your four-legged friends miss out! Continue the switch to eco-friendly soap and shampoo with our Bare Bubbles range of shampoo for dogs. The benefits of switching your canine companion to solid shampoo bars are significant and not to be missed. Start saving on liquid dog shampoo costs with our all-natural dog shampoo that is better for the environment and free from harsh chemicals. Our solid natural dog shampoo bars often last 2-3 times as long as the liquid equivalent and are packed with natural goodness for your pampered pooch!

If you are looking for anti parasitic shampoo for dogsflea shampoo for dogs with sensitive skin or the best dog shampoo for sensitive skin, our Bare Bubbles range has it all! Every shampoo bar in our range is easy to use and packed with lovely natural ingredients. If you need any tips on how to use our shampoo, why not check out our helpful step-by-step guide: How to shampoo your dog at home.

We truly believe that we have created the best dog shampoo with our Bare Bubbles range. As proud dog owners we wanted to create a quality dog shampoo range that every dog will love. Getting your pup clean and cuddle ready after a messy day in the garden or a muddy walk has never been easier or more eco-friendly! Our exciting range consists of five delightful solid shampoo bars including our Bare Naked bar, Freshening bar and Healing bar. Treat your canine companion to the perfect handcrafted dog shampoo bar that is free from nasty chemicals and plastics. By choosing our plastic free dog shampoo you’ll also be helping protect the planet and preserve it for future generations. Browse and buy our range of dog shampoos below.