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Bamboo Soap Bag

Bamboo Soap Bag

The easy and eco-friendly way to store your vegan soap bar for travel and extend its life by washing with the super soft soap bag.


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Product Description

Our bamboo soap bags helps you to keep store your vegan soaps for travel and extend their life. Continuing your plastic-free lifestyle is easy and hassle free with our helpful soap bag. Simply pop your vegan soap into your soap bag and you’ll be ready for your next trip.

The usefulness of this plastic-free soap accessory does not end there. You can even take your soap bar into the shower and use it to lather up! It is an easy way to extend the life of your soap. You will also benefit from the super soft bamboo while you wash your skin.

If you are looking for an eco-friendly way to store and use your soap, you have found the perfect accessory. Our soap bag for the shower is made from 100% bamboo, which makes it a truly sustainable storage solution. Our soft soap bag is also washable and super soft so you can continue using it during your bathroom routine.

Benefits Of Our Soft Soap Bag

  • Easily store your soap for travel and trips away
  • Extend the life of your vegan soap by washing with the bag
  • Look after your skin with the super soft 100% bamboo material

Directions For Using Our Bamboo Soap Bag

Place your vegan soap into the 100% bamboo soap bag, pull the drawstring to seal the soap in.  Run the bag under warm water and gently rub to make a lather. The bag is soft enough to directly wash your skin.