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Wooden Soap Ladder

Wooden Soap Ladder

Handmade hemu wood soap ladder to keep your vegan soap bars dry. It will make sure that your soap is ready for your next bath or shower.


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Product Description

Handmade wooden soap ladder to keep your handmade vegan soap drained between uses. Keeping your soap dry is key to helping it last longer. It will then be ready for its next use in the bath or shower. If you are looking for an eco-friendly soap ladder to compliment your collection of handmade soaps look no further!

Our sustainable soap ladder lifts your soap off hard surfaces and allows the air to circulate around it which will stop it from going soft and mushy. It is an essential purchase for anyone that is serious about prolonging the life of their soap and protecting the surfaces in their bathroom.

The design also stops water from collecting around your soap which can harbour harmful bacteria. This is a key issue with closed soap dishes that you may already have in your bath or shower. Traditional soap dishes are also often made from plastic or other non eco-friendly materials which causes damage to the environment. Our ladder uses hemu wood which is sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Why not get the perfect accessory for your vegan soap bars and buy our wooden ladder? It will look great in your bathroom and compliment everything else in your bathroom.