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Sustainable Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Sustainable Mother's Day Gift Guide

Sustainable Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Show your Mother how much you love them this Mother’s Day. Yes, you can go to your local supermarket and choose from their variety of impersonal gifts such as a Mother’s day mug or bath products. Or you can opt for something with a little more pizazz and show just how well you know her. Our Mother’s Day Gift guide is a great starting point for your Mother’s day shopping.

Did you know that most ‘off the shelf’ hygiene products contain 80% water and will strip hair and skin of their natural oils? Our handmade bar soaps and shampoo bars are handmade with the highest quality natural ingredients designed to not only clean but to preserve those natural oils and keep hair and skin healthy.

Mother's Day Presents

Why You Should Treat Her To An Indulging Shower Product

What better time to show your Mother/Mum how much you care, than with a moment of guilt-free luxury. Show her how much you know her. With a range of different handmade, sustainably sourced, vegan soaps and bars, in a wide range of different delicious scents you are bound to find that perfect personal gift from our extensive range of shampoo and soap bars.

Give her the experience of a spa treatment. Let her sit back and put her feet up, drink her favourite fizz, listen to her best loved music and live the VIP treatment. Our range of sustainable, vegan bar soaps and vegan shampoo bars are just the ticket. She will be able to relax, give her hair and skin the treatment it deserves to leave it wonderfully clean and smelling enticing. While keeping the natural oils leaving her skin and hair exceptionally soft and moisturised.

The question isn’t if these products are for her, it is deciding on which product(s) to choose. With so many delightful options available, each made with different natural products and offering different benefits you will be spoilt for choice.

Luckily for you, we have narrowed down some of our most popular handmade soaps and shampoo bars. We’re sure that our Mother’s Day gift guide will be a source of inspiration for your present shopping.

Almond Oil Soap Bar

The Almond Oil Soap Bar is a favourite option. Made with natural almond oil, jojoba oil and avocado oil, its high intensity of vitamins A, D and E are guaranteed to provide some indulgence and leave skin baby soft. With this infusion of natural oils and vitamins, you will be giving her the gift of hydration which will leave her glowing.

Fun fact – Ancient cultures used almond oil as a medical treatment to encourage skin rejuvenation. It was used to treat dry skin and ease the marks left by scars.

The Almond oil soap bar is extremely versatile. It can be used on all skin types, even those with a naturally oily tendency, as it won’t block pores. However, with its intensely hydrating properties, those with drier or sensitive skin tend to see the greater benefits.

Fig And Brown Sugar Bar

Smelling like the English classic dessert sticky toffee pudding, you are already onto a winner. Lathered up, our Fig and Brown Sugar soap bar gently exfoliates, smoothing the skin. Paired with golden jojoba oil, its essential oils moisturise leaving her skin not only perfectly smooth but extremely soft.

Did you know – Figs are full of antioxidants and can rejuvenate skin, due to being high in vitamin C. Your Mother will find herself glowing.

This luxury vegan soap bar is designed to indulge all skin types. Although with its regenerating properties, it has proven itself extremely popular for women with uneven skin or blemishes.

Lavender And Jojoba Shampoo Bar

A firm favourite within our range of vegan shampoo bars and a great addition to our Mother’s Day Gift Guide. The lavender and jojoba shampoo bar is the logical choice for all hair types and ages. Including lemon essential oils, you are gifting your Mum with hair as clean, soft and shiny as if she just visited the hairdresser.

Allow your mum to be transported. The lavender and jojoba oils will leave her feeling calm and relaxed. Making it an obvious choice for the mum on the go. Made with shea butter, almond and jojoba oil, it promotes healthy and nourished hair. Infused with a variety of vitamins such as vitamin C, B, E, Copper and Zinc, it will strengthen her hair and leave it looking luscious and thick.

Lavender & Jojoba Shampoo Bar

New to shampoo bars? – Well your Mum will be in for a treat! Extremely easy to use, run it under warm water and lather up the bar in your hands. It is then as simple as rubbing this straight onto her head and creating the luxurious lather needed. Then massage it into hair and scalp and rinse off.

Suitable for: For all hair types, this combination of natural oils and essences in our vegan shampoo bar is perfect for all. Whether your Mum has thick or thin hair, these natural ingredients will strengthen her hair and promote her hair to grow. Made with natural products they are proven to treat and prevent dandruff and smooth the most sensitive of scalps.

Read Our Mother’s Day Gift Guide & Still Looking For The Perfect Gift?

Finding the perfect Mother’s Day Gift can be difficult. We hope that our Mother’s Day gift guide has been a source of inspiration and great gift ideas. If you are still struggling to decide which handmade bar soap or solid shampoo bar to choose, we’re can help. Why not choose the ultimate Mother’s Day gift, an Oschen Gift Set.

The Oschen Soap Gift Set is a great gift that is perfect for every occasion including Mother’s Day. Treat your Mum to a reusable jute bag, reusable bamboo soap bag, sustainable hemu wood soap dish and four handmade vegan soap bars. Not only will you save £8 compared to purchasing four soap bars individually, you will give her a great selection of handmade soaps to enjoy! This saves you from the dilemma of choosing one soap, instead you can choose four soaps.