Vegan Plastic Free Soap & Shampoo

Sustainable Soap Bars & Packaging For A Sustainable Life

Handmade Vegan Soap Ingredients Card

Sustainable Soap Bars & Packaging For A Sustainable Life

When our boys challenged us to become more sustainable and use eco-friendly products in our bathroom we embraced the challenge, met it and exceeded all expectations. We created Oschen and our range of sustainable soap bars.

This drove the inspiration for Oschen to be born. Sustainability is at the heart of everything that we do. Not only creating a range of bath products that are brightly coloured, fragrant, fun and funky. But all of our vegan soap bars and shampoo bars are 100% sustainable, ethical and vegan. This fun and ethical ethos have been mirrored in all things Oschen, including the packaging.

Bath & Shower Product Packaging

Did you know that the majority of shop bought bath and shower packaging is generally not 100% fully recyclable and runs the risk of ending up in landfills or even in the ocean?

Plastic Packaging

Our mission is to change that. With a range of sustainable plastic free soap bars and shampoos you can sud up, be clean without risking the environment. What is even better is that making the choice to go sustainable doesn’t compromise on quality or becoming squeaky clean, but it does allow for a brighter and more environmentally friendly future to be built. This is at the heart of every part of our brand.

Not only are all of the products we sell sustainable but all of our packaging is as well.

The Truth About Plastic Packaging

It is convenient to buy the hand soap and body wash that come in the plastic bottles, even easier when they come in pump action bottles. But these are single use plastic bottles, once the soap or body wash is finished so is the plastic bottle. The majority of these bottles aren’t fully recyclable resulting in landfills being topped up or them being discarded in the sea.

Did you know?

  • 8 million pieces of plastic make into the ocean each day. The equivalent of 12 million tonnes per year.
  • 100,000 marine mammals and turtles are killed annually by plastic pollution and 1 million sea birds.
  • 5,000 plastic items are found per mile of beach in the UK.

Statistics from Surfers Against Sewage’s Plastic Pollution guide.

We don’t want our products to add to those stats!

Sustainability Is The Future

You are not alone in wanting to do your part. More and more people are seeing the importance of making sustainable changes to make for a better and brighter future. The world has come a long way, changes are being implemented and more people are embracing sustainable changes. All we need is to find a way to stop using single use plastic.

Do you want desirable packaging? Do you want it to be 100% recyclable and sustainable? Even down to the glue used?

If you said yes! You will be pleased to know we can deliver. The feedback from our customers is that they love our plastic free packaging and we are confident you will too. Its simple, sleek and modern design has it all and perfectly compliments our sustainable soap bars.

Our Vegan Soap & Shampoo Bar Packaging – From Door Mat To Bath Mat

From the moment your goodies land at your front door, you will see that every aspect of the packaging has been designed and crafted with sustainability at its core. The green padded envelope is what you see first.

Upon opening, you will be greeted with the sight of our clamshells (which houses your bar soap or shampoo) cased in our colourful Oschen sleeve, with product sticker. It is at this point you will also get a whiff of those delightful natural oils and essences that our bars are packed with. When opening up the clamshell you will be greeted with your plastic free soap or shampoo bar with its ingredient card underneath.

Plastic Free Soap Bar Packaging

Want to know more about our plastic free, sustainable packaging? Keep reading.

Delivery Packaging

To ensure that all of your handmade soaps and shampoos reach you in perfect condition, we package and send them in green jiffy padded envelopes, which are filled with fully recycled paper fibre. Their seamless design provides increased protection for your soap bars by providing resistance against bursting and piercing during transit. Being plastic free and fully recyclable, they are also biodegradable and compostable. 

The Sleeve

Made from recycled paper, the Oschen sleeve uses eco-friendly ink to create its vibrant and colourful design with a fantastic polished finish, fully recyclable with local recycling schemes. Every detail is sustainable, even down to the glue used to secure the sleeve, it is non-toxic, solvent free and biodegradable. Although you might notice it has an enticing and great smell of marzipan, it’s not for eating.

Product Sticker

Printed using recycled paper again, the soap stickers we use are all vegan friendly. Sticking to our sustainability ethos, they are fully recyclable and again the glue used is eco-friendly.

The Clamshell

Our soaps and shampoo bars are individually boxed in our clamshells. Made from moulded pulp, formed from the fibres of recycled paper or cardboard, they are highly recycled with most authority recycling schemes. Think of a luxury egg carton material, that’s our plastic free clamshell. Not only is it highly recyclable but it is also compostable! That’s a double win when it comes to the environment.

Vegan Soap Bar The Clamshell

Here’s an ideafor all you green-fingered gardening wonders, or parents looking to find an activity for the kids, why not use them for planting seeds, growing your own vegetable patch or in your hanging baskets. No matter how mucky you get, our soaps have you covered and you’ll be clean in no time.

The Ingredients Card

Complimenting the rest of the packaging, They are made from recycled cards and can be recycled with most local authority recycling schemes.

Handmade Vegan Soaps Ingredients Card

Plastic Free Oschen Jute Soap Gift Set With Sustainable Soap Bars

Perfect for gift-giving, the Oschen plastic free jute soap gift set offers an added treat to the recipient. Being completely reusable and eco-friendly it can be used again and again.

Sustainable Soap Gift Set

From being handcrafted, packed, and posted our handmade bar soaps and shampoo soap bars are not only good for you, good for the family, they are also good for the environment. There really is zero waste.