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The Benefits Of Vegan Soap

Benefits Of Vegan Soap

The Benefits Of Vegan Soap

Naturally made vegan soap is inevitably made with rich, natural oil and high quality sustainable ingredients. Actively designed to minimise the amount of toxins and chemicals used, which can be absorbed through your skin. More and more people are becoming conscious about the foods they eat, pollution and attempting to limit the negatives entering their bodies. There is no better time to start considering what type of soap you use by discovering the benefits of vegan soap.

With the majority of soaps being made in factories. A vast number of people are unaware of the chemicals that have been added and that they are unquestioningly applying to their skin daily. To avoid exposure for you and your family to these toxins, there is no better time to move to vegan soaps.

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Conventional Mainstream Soaps

With countless brands available and numerous choices in mainstream shops with a variety of scents, bold branding and potentially low price tags, it can be easy to understand why they are purchased. Yet, if you are wanting to reduce the toxins in your household, proactively striving for a healthy lifestyle it is worth understanding what is included.

Made tin mass they tend to include chemicals and toxins such as:

  • Parabens – which can disrupt hormone balances.
  • Triclosan – linked to cancer, obesity and infertility.
  • Palm oil – associated with causing dry skin and removing naturally found moisture.
  • Artificially made fragrances made from chemicals.

Combined together they are alluring you via their packaging and smell but ultimately they aren’t the best for your skin. Plus, when you think about the process used for them to be made. They aren’t good for the environment, they come in plastic packaging which adds to plastic pollution.

Vegan Soaps

With a different approach to soap, vegan soap bars are made with naturally sourced products that are not only sustainable. But, the process to construct each of these handmade soaps is better for the environment. You can see that the benefits of vegan soap are almost endless!


  • Fats and oils from vegetables or plants.
  • Safe and natural ingredients, free manufactured added chemicals.

Additionally with being all-naturally made, when each soap bar is lovingly crafted they cause no harm.

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Why Use Vegan Soaps: The Key Benefits Of Vegan Soap

Not only do they contain no chemicals, but what makes them the best handmade soap is that they boast an abundance of additional benefits.

They Are Gentle On Your Skin

Each time you use a vegan soap bar you are indulging your skin. Without chemicals included they are extremely gentle and focus on their desired job; to get you clean. Making them ideal for people with sensitive skin and children.


You don’t have to be vegan to care for animals. When you opt to use one of the Oschen vegan soap bars you are choosing a product that doesn’t contain, harm or is tested on animals.

No Nasties Included

One of the most favoured benefits of making the switch and using vegan soap bars is that it is safe for the whole family. Free from all sorts of chemicals, toxins and pesticides, these all natural soap bars are a great alternative.

Include Natural Benefits

The natural plant based oils and fats used to make these all natural soap bars, include an array of naturally skin benefitting ingredients. The majority of cruelty free soaps are made from natural fats that carry anti-bacterial properties as well as being anti-fungal.

So once you make the change you will see the magic take effect, and see the overall health of your skin improve and glow.

Naturally Moisturising

Without the inclusion of harsh chemicals being used, these soap bars don’t wick away the moisture within your skin. The benefit of this is that your natural bodily levels are being maintained and your skin will remain nourished.

Soap That Is Tailored To You

With a varied range of different vegan soap bars available, with different core ingredients. A different benefit is provided to meet your personal skin care needs and preference.

For example:

  1. Charcoal soap bars naturally help to improve your acne prone skin and can reduce pore size.
  2. Olive oil soap bars are intensively moisturising and nourishing. Ideal for elevating the symptoms of eczema and can even be used to gently remove makeup.
  3. The lavender and lime bar entices your senses and brings about a sense of calmness and relaxation to your mind and your body.

Better For The Environment

Alleviating pesticide and chemicals out of the manufacturing process, vegan soap bars are not only better for the environment, but they are packaged that way too.

Unlike traditional single use plastic soap bottles that can end up in landfill. Vegan soap creators focus on the overall environment impact including how it is packaged and posted. Through the use of recyclable and biodegradable materials, not only is the soap better for you. The packaging is better for the planet as well.

Convinced By The Benefits Of Vegan Soap? Discover The Oschen Way

Not only leaving your skin healthy and a glowing complexion. You are proactively doing your part to prevent chemicals and other nasties from being absorbed into yours and your families skin. Whilst mirroring the Oschen way and doing your part to protect the planet. Discover our range of exciting vegan soap bars today.