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The Ultimate Guide To Soap Gifts & Gift Giving

Guide To Soap Gifts

The Ultimate Guide To Soap Gifts & Gift Giving

Full disclaimer this is a Christmas article!

Yes, we know it is early autumn, and you may not even be considering Christmas just yet, or getting the tinsel out, booking the panto, or you may be like us, looking forward to festivities. And we love Christmas, and there is nothing more magical than, well, the magic of Christmas. The atmosphere changes, and positivity spreads like electricity through the air. Soon our attention will turn to gift giving and our guide to soap gifts will become an invaluable aid!

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Guide To Soap Gifts & Gift Giving

However, one aspect of Christmas that can be challenging is the art of gift-giving. Do you find it challenging? Don’t we all have that one person that is in an enigma, and you’re still trying to crack the code and find that perfect gift? That isn’t to say that any gift given and received shouldn’t or isn’t appreciated. It’s more that as an individual, you want to strive to provide a gift that you know they will love and reflects the relationship you have.

The key to giving the best gifts is the thought that goes into it. That said, I bet that you know a person that is still difficult to buy for, they buy everything they want throughout the year, and generally, there is nothing they need from you. These are the most complex people to buy for, and they usually end up with the generic Christmas socks and their favourite treat, am I right?

Luckily, you can still wow them with your gift-giving prowess, and we have created a Christmas gift guide to help you.

Consider The Person That You Are Buying For

Gift-giving is an art. You must consider the person you buy. What is it like? What do they like? Would they appreciate it? Once you have considered their personality traits, you can start thinking about the gift. This year, why not consider a soap gift?

If they are vibrant and fun-loving, opt for a colourful vegan handmade soap to show them how well you know them, such as Candy Floss with Mallow or Sweetie Shop.

For those who pride themselves on sustainable living and doing their part for the planet, make sure you purchase from a company that embodies the same ideals.

Make It Unique

There is something special about receiving an item unique and different from the run-of-the-mill variety. Not everyone has it. It is exclusive and shows thought and effort have been put in.

So why are unique gifts meaningful? In short, they show consideration, imagination and effort have been applied.

How do you find unique items?
Unique items are that. They are not available on the high street. Nothing is more unique than a handmade item. Choosing handmade soap gift sets gives you more control to ensure the gift is still personal. You can make choices about the items included. All whilst ensuring the gift is special.

There are few presents more unique than our Soap Gift Set, so why not treat someone special in your life to their own soap gift? Our soap gift set includes a Jute Bag, Bamboo Soap Bag, Hemu Wood Soap Dish and four handmade vegan soaps which you choose for them.

Soap Gift Set

Give Gifts They Will Actually Use, Why Not Give A Soap Gift?

It might sound boring and go against the grain of conventional Christmas presents. Yet, there is something to be said about giving a gift that will be used and appreciated.

A lot of the time, the gift-giver focuses on the recipient’s response in the moment. They want to see the ‘wow’ when the gift is received and opened. This is important; however, when all is said and done, does that gift bring any value to their life going forward?

Giving a handmade soap Christmas gift not only allows you to combine your knowledge of their personal tastes and gift something unique, but it is also a product that they can use and continue to enjoy with each shower and wash they have.

Budget And Quality Go Hand-In-Hand

Christmas is a time for giving to your loved ones. This, however, does not mean that you should be spending past your means. Would your loved ones really want you to rack up debt or have to go without to get them an extravagant gift? The simple answer is no.

Before going out and buying any gifts, consider your budget and what you can afford to spend. Once your budget is confirmed, shop around.

No matter the budget you have set, you will be able to find quality items that will make others smile. Buying items such as our Oschen Wash Bag Gift set is an example of how you can maximise your budget.

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Give Something That Improves Their Life

One of the biggest things people consider when buying gifts is that through the act of giving, you are making someone else happier. This logic, however, isn’t fail-proof. Giving an item to someone doesn’t necessarily bring them positives. The only way to get positives is through the act of removing negatives.

Instead of adding ‘more stuff’, consider what would improve their life and give that. This could be giving them your time, help, or walking their dog. Or buying an item that targets their pain points.

Inspired By Our Guide To Soap Gifts & Gift Giving?

We hope that our guide to soap gifts has given you some valuable inspiration and made you Christmas shopping a little bit easier. Whether you opt for our soap gift set or individual vegan soap bars, we are confident that you will find something for all members of your family at Oschen!