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What Your Bathing Products & Handmade Soap Says About You

Bathroom Products & Handmade Soap Say About You

What Your Bathing Products & Handmade Soap Says About You

Not seen as the hub of the home, the bathroom and the products you use say a lot about you, your family, your personality and your ideals. Surprisingly, your choice of soap can be particularly telling, whether it is a vegan soap or a handmade soap bar.

A bathroom is more than just a place to wash yourself. It can be a place to relax and allow yourself to re-centre. It can be a place where time can stand still, and you can take stock of your daily life. For families, bathrooms can become a place to make memories. A place where little ones play and wash away the day’s excitement. It can become a place to bond but also a space within your home where you can truly be yourself.

Your Bathroom Says A Lot

All rooms of your home say something. From the colour schemes you opt for, the textures and materials used, to the products you use. The combination of these components comes together and creates an image.

The Oschen viewpoint is that your bathroom should be the oasis you and your family dream of. You should have those products and handmade bar soaps that showcase your fun side and buy into your funky persona whilst still giving you the clean you dream of.

Bathroom Products

Showering To Showcase Your Personality With Handmade Soap

The handmade soap and hair care industry is varied. All products are designed for a particular person in mind. It could be fruity tones, floral scents or masculine notes. The smell they radiate is to entice you and leave you looking and feeling clean and, confident and radiant after each wash.

Yet, how many times have you found a vegan soap or vegan shampoo bar that you love but doesn’t encapsulate the person you are. The range of vegan soap and shampoo bars obliterates this concept of cleaning quality and visual image. Cleaning doesn’t have to be dull. The soap bar you use should be a reflection of you.

Funky Vegan & Handmade Bar Soap

Vibrant colours, funky styles that carry that little extra wow! If you are a lover of fun, there is a range of eco-friendly soap bars waiting for you.

Summer Fruits Soap Bar

A combination of summer colours in a soap block, there are swirls of yellows, orange, reds and greens, all creating an eye-catching and fun summer fruits soap bar. The embodiment of summer in a soap, it’s fruity! Think ice lollies on a hot day, summer berries and cream all rolled into one summer-tastic scent.

Summer Fruits Soap - Oschen

Tutti Fruiti Soap Bar

If you have a sweet tooth and a love of sweet smells, this green and yellow vegan soap bar will set your nose twitching. Enriched with Golden Jojoba Oil, you are embracing your fun side with each wash and will walk away clean and naturally moisturised. Discover our tutti fruiti soap bar.

Tutti Fruiti Soap Bar

Sustainable And Stylish Handmade Soap

There is nothing less desirable in a bathroom than seeing an array of different bottles. The majority don’t showcase you or complement your bathroom styling. Ultimately, in most households, they are there to serve a purpose; to get you clean. Using single use plastic shampoos and soaps might get you clean, but each wash adds to plastic pollution.

This doesn’t have to be the case. Making the switch to plastic free soap and shampoo bars is the secret. Not only concentrated cleaning goodness, they also look and smell fantastic, whilst being designed to last. Lasting 2-3 times as long as their plastic housed cousins, they make a welcome addition to each bathroom or en-suit.

Committed to thorough cleaning and sustainable, recyclable packaging, you can enjoy each bath or shower knowing that the vegan shampoo or soap bars are good for you and the environment.

Why Not Pair Our Handmade Soap With A Funky Soap Ladder?

Paired with the bamboo soap ladder, the cleaning bar you use not only is an eco-friendly option but stylish addition to all bathrooms. Mixing it up further, you add more funkiness to your bathroom with the fun designed wooden fish soap ladder.

A Bathroom That Supports The Planet

Making the switch to Oschen vegan friendly and plastic free soaps is the first step to improving the planet whilst still ensuring that you get the blissful showering routine you crave day-in. With a range of fun, funky and simple designs, there is a soap and solid shampoo bar for everyone.

No matter your personal style or preferences, each bar is jam-packed with natural goodies to make each wash effective and gentle for your and your family’s skin whilst adding in natural benefits. With each bar containing natural oils and no man made nasties, you are looking after the environment and yourself. With natural hydration, your skin and hair will be deep nourished.