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Why Give A Non-Chocolate Gift This Easter?


Why Give A Non-Chocolate Gift This Easter?

Easter is a time of new beginnings and fresh starts. It’s a time when we celebrate the arrival of spring and all the renewal and rejuvenation that it brings. It’s also a time when we come together with our loved ones to share gifts and celebrate the season. Here we will explain why and how you can give a non-chocolate gift this Easter.

If you’re looking for a unique and thoughtful gift to give this Easter, consider giving a chocolate-free alternative. One of the most compelling reasons behind this is it is healthier, creates less mess, and can be better for the environment.

So if you are looking for non-chocolate Easter gift and treat ideas? Look no further! This article will provide you with a variety of options that will make your Easter celebration enjoyable for everyone. In this article, we will address the questions of what to give instead of chocolate, what to put in an Easter hamper that is vegan, popular non-chocolate Easter treats and family crafts, and much more.

As parents and being passionate about sustainability and being environmentally friendly, we know that handing out vast quantities of chocolate is not always ideal at Easter.

Whether you are just looking to limit the amount of sugar-filled treats, gift something unique or special, or show your love with the environment in mind, we have you covered with a variety of fun and sustainable ideas.

What To Give Instead Of Chocolate As A Gift

If you’re looking for non-chocolate gift options for Easter, there are plenty of options to choose from. It is important to consider the recipient and make sure the gift is age appropriate and meets their individual preferences. Consider giving a book, a potted plant, or a candle are great ideas when giving adult to adult. These gifts can be enjoyed long after the holiday is over. Along with these failsafe ideas, thinking outside of the box and putting in items such as soap is also a genius alternative. Not only can they be playful and sweetly indulgent, such as Oschen’s sweetie shop, but they are also thoughtful and a great way to show how well you know someone.


The gifting concepts are similar if you are considering an Easter extravaganza for a child. You could consider a playful story that focuses on the theme of Easter or a heartwarming tale of a bunny or chick. Although giving soap may not be the most obvious choice for a child, you can still win with this gift. Instead of packaging it as a necessary bathtime item, you could gift it playfully as a ‘crafting experience,’ where you sit down and carve your favorite Easter designs in the soap or even carve it into the shape of a rabbit or chick before hand.

What To Put In A Childs Easter Basket That Is Not Sweets

The obvious choice of chocolate is not the only option for Easter baskets. They are in all of the shops and have been since Christmas was over. This may result in you stretching your head trying to come up with genius alternatives. So instead of hyping the kids up on sugar, consider filling their Easter hamper with small toys, stickers, or craft activities that your little ones can enjoy alone or together with the family. You can also include practical items like a toothbrush or a water bottle. You just need to remember to get creative with your Easter basket fillers and start thinking outside of the box. Including personal touches such as their name or embracing bright colours is a guaranteed way to make this holiday special and one to be remembered. It can be quite easy to give a non-chocolate Easter gift.

Some Of Our Favourite Easter Craft Ideas Include:

  • Taking everyday items and transforming them into Easter characters. Such as making a cardboard bunny. (FYI, our clamshell boxes make great options!)
  • Filling old socks and, with the use of yarn and scissors, creating Easter ornamental rabbits.
  • Taking your favourite vegan soap and carving a festive critter.
  • Folding empty toilet rolls and folding them into bunny heads and ears to create an instant stamp that your child can use to decorate paper and make Easter cards.
Make An Easter Bunny With Easter Soap

However, if you still want to provide a sweet treat that isn’t chocolate based. There are still many options to be considered.

Jelly beans make great Easter treats. They are colourful, full of flavour and a treat that can be enjoyed by all, old or young. You can also consider giving a fruit basket or a popcorn tin. If you’re looking for non-dairy options, try vegan marshmallows or fruit snacks if vegan treats are what you are looking for. With the sessions changing and Easter marking to start of warming weather, there are many fruits and treats becoming readily available that can be considered. They are indulgent and equally delicious.